About Kedar Tal Trek

A Rare Adventure amidst Towering Mountains

The Kedartal trek is not for everyone. It is a moderate-difficult trek. What this means is that it requires a considerable amount of fitness to do the trek. What it gives in return is a truly magical trekking experience.

The trek climbs to the glacial Kedartal lake. Camping at Kedartal with towering mountains all around you is an experience that is missing in most of our treks. On our other treks too we get terrific mountain views. But not as close as the ones on the Kedartal trek. You have Mt Thalaysagar, Mt Bhrigupanth, Manda Parvat, Mt Jogin, Mt Gangotri rising up right outside your tent. These are no small mountains.

The trek in itself is fantastic. Climbing out of Gangotri through magnificent pine forests, the trail enters high altitude pastures. The camps along the way give terrific views of the great mountains surrounding these settings. This is one of our few treks where you almost always sight the blue sheep or bharals.

The variety on the trek, grand views and terrific mountain settings make this one of the great treks in India.

Day 1: Reach Dharali

Dharali is the base camp for the Kedartal trek. Around 20 km, before Gangotri, Dharali is surrounded by mountains and deodar forests.

You stay overnight at Dharali but the trek begins at Gangotri the following morning.  Gangotri is known as the source of river Ganga (the actual source being Gaumukh), which is known as Bhagirathi here.

It is said that King Bhagirath prayed to Lord Shiva for salvation of the souls of his 60,000 sons. Shiva obliged and requested Goddess Ganga to release her water, which purified the ashes of Bhagirath’s sons. This mythological story elevated the status of River Ganga as a means to purify one’s soul.

  • Altitude: 10,055 ft (3,065 m)
  • Time taken: 10 – 12 hours from Haridwar

Day 2: Drive from Dharali to Gangotri. Trek from Gangotri to Bhojkharak

  • Altitude: 10,055 ft (3,065 m) to 12,401 ft (3,780 m)
  • Time taken: 1 hour drive. Trek for 5-6 hours, 8 km
  • Trek gradient: Moderate-difficult. Continuously ascending trail over a rocky terrain
  • Water sources: Carry sufficient water. There are three sources on the way where you can refill your water bottles.
  • Start for Gangotri early in the morning We will arrange cabs to take you there from Dharali.
  • The trail to Bhoj Kharak starts as soon as you leave Gangotri and cross the bridge over the beautiful BhairavGhati Gorge beside the Gangotri Devi temple. This frequently trekked route is the only path available to reach Bhoj Kharak and ascends precipitously for 8 km along the narrow Kedar Ganga gorge.
  • After an hour of climbing you get a real taste of the trek as you pass through a lengthy stretch of Fir and Bhoj (Birch) trees, that gave it its name – BhojKharak!
  • Due to its durability and texture most of our ancient Indian texts were written on bhoj paper. The locals use it in their shoes as insulation from the cold.
  • Though the terrain is strenuous, ‘rhythmic trekking’ takes the edge off it. It is important to take small sips of water at equal intervals to keep well hydrated. The trail crosses three water points from where you can refill your water bottles. After about five hours of small continuous steps the camp site is visible across a narrowly spaced stone wall over a small stream – popularly known as a ‘spider wall’ by trekkers.

This 4 ft wide path in a wall of rock towers vertically up on one side of the narrow mountain track and needs patience and concentration to negotiate. There is absolutely no place for any misjudgement. One wrong step and the fall would be a hundred feet down the valley.

Day 3: BhojKharak to KedarKharak

  • Altitude: 12,401 ft (3,980 m) to 14,000 ft (4,267 m)
  • Time taken: 5-6 hours, 4 km
  • Trek gradient: Moderate-difficult. 1 km of steep ascent followed by 3 km of moderate ascents and descents.
  • Water sources: Carry sufficient water. There are sources on the way where you can refill your water bottles.

The trek from BhojKharak to KedarKharak is relatively simple compared to the previous day’s climb. Though there are a few grim patches, the terrain has uniform ascents and descents. The trek to Kedar Kharak, situated at 14,000 ft, is 4 km and takes about five hours.

The ascent is quite steep as soon as you set out of the campsite at BhojKharak. After 1 km trek though the Bhoj forests the trail leaves the tree line and enters meadows which are multi colours in autumn – an astounding setting for photography with the snow covered peak Bhrigupanth in the backdrop.

The next 2 km feel like a relaxing stroll as there are fewer steep ascents. It is in this stretch that you may get a chance to encounter high altitude fauna like bharal (blue sheep), goral, Himalayan black bear and a variety of birds.

The climate gets chillier as you gain altitude. Do not be surprised if you notice a thin layer of frost over the stones in the streams. After passing about two more water points you reach Kedarkharak.

The camp is set on a vast dry meadow with a few sparsely distributed boulders beside a wide stream. The stony path through which the stream climbs is the trail for the Day 4 Trek.

It is an exceptional sight to watch the sunset at KedarKharak. As the red ball of fire sinks behind the snow clad Bhrigupant the entire meadow looks orange and turns grey at dusk.

Day 4: KedarKharak to Kedar Tal

  • Altitude: 14,000 ft (4,267 m) to 16,116 ft (4,912 m)
  • Time taken: 6-7 hours, 5 km
  • Trek gradient: Difficult. Continuously ascending trail over a rocky terrain. Last 400 metres descent.
  • Water sources: None. Carry at least 2 litres of water.
  • On this day the excitement level among the trekkers is usually at its peak, with the eagerness to make it to the emerald lake taking over any exhaustion from the previous days’ treks.
  • Start early as this stretch is the most laborious of all. At a height of 16,116 ft, the ‘Tal’is a 5 km slog from KedarKharak through rocky mountains with absolutely no greenery around.
  • Despite the barrenness, the terrain can be quite exhilarating. With vigorous ascents and very few descents it demands a great deal of energy and effort to be able to reach the destination on time, considering the unpredictable weather conditions, with the probability of snow and rain being quite high during this season. The trail can best be described as a rocky maze with just one or two small streams that are not close by, thus requiring us to carry adequate water supplies.
  • If not careful, one can easily get turned around and it takes a while to realise that the route is off beam. For this reason a lot of cairns ( piles of stones) have been placed en route to the Tal to point out the right direction. Watch your step as there are plenty of loose rocks on the way. After about 5- 6 hours of trekking, and half kilometre away from the lake, you can see the mighty Thalaysagar Peak across a rocky ridge.
  • Once you cross this steep ridge, the descent to the lake begins. This is the only descent on this trek! The camp is set on the slopes of the mountains-  only a few meters above the lake.
  • The temperature falls drastically at Kedartal.
  • Day 5: Rest and exploration day at Kedar Tal

Make sure you wake up early and watch the first rays of the sun catch the surrounding mountains. As the sky gets brighter you can see the flawless reflection of the mighty old Thalaysagar peak on the Tal. Though the water is freezing, it is quite an experience to wet your fingertips in the emerald green lake

Day 6: Kedar Tal to BhojKharak

  • Altitude: 16,116 ft (4,912 m) to 12,401 ft (3,780 m)
  • Time taken: 5-6 hours, 9 km
  • Trek gradient: Moderate. Continuously descending trail over a rocky terrain
  • Water sources: Carry sufficient water. There are few sources on the way where you can refill your water bottles.

Start the descent to BhojKharak right after breakfast. Trace the same path back. Since most of the trail is descending, it should take you lesser time to reach. Be mindful of loose rocks on the trail.

Inclusions :- 
1. Transport: Dehradun to Sankri and Return.
2. Meals while on trek (Veg. + Egg).
3. All necessary entry fees and permits.
4. Accommodation:- Guest house, Home stay, camping during Trek.
5. Mountaineering qualified & professional trek Leader, guide, cook and Support staff.
6. First aid medical kits, stretcher and oxygen cylinder.
7. Trek equipments: Sleeping bag, mattress, tent (twin sharing), kitchen & dinning tent, toilet tent, utensils and crampon (if required).
8. AH Staff Insurance.
9. Porters/mules to carry central equipment.


Exclusions :-
1. Any kind of personal expenses.
2. Food during the transit.
3. Mules or porter to carry personal luggage.
4. Insurance.
5. Any kind of emergency evacuation charges 6. Anything not specifically mentioned under the head.

Note : Normally AH expect to carry your personal luggage on your own, if you wish to offload your backpack, you can give it to Mule.
Charges of offloading backpack:-
INR 1500/- if you make an online payment, 10 days in advance
INR 1800/- if you inform us after reaching Sankri
The backpack cannot weigh more than 11 kgs. Backpack should have waterproof cover. Suitcases/strolleys/ bags will not be allowed.


It is wise to make your booking at least two months in advance. In the event of cancellation of trek/adventure activity services due to any avoidable / unavoidable reasons we must be notified of the same in writing. Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive advice in writing, andcancellation charges would be as follows

Up to 30 Days: – 90% of Trek/adventure program cost will be refund. 

Between 21 – 30 Days: – 50% of Trek/Adventure/Tour/Travel/Hotel program cost will be refund. 

Less than 20 – Days No refund – See more details – Divine Hike

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RS.16,000/- Per Person (Includes all costs of the trek from Gangotri to Gangotri ) (5% GST)

Duration – 08 Days DehraDun to Dehradun/ Risikesh
Best Season - May, June, , September, October
Level – The trek experience, Moderate, Difficult


 Temperatures -Kedar Tal Trek .( Day time +5° C to +12° C)

You'll Need to bring or rent

  • Backpack
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Suitable Clothing

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